As protestors against the increase in student fees in England rampage their way across London, including an attack on Prince Charles' car, ConDem politicians who voted for the increase tried to justify their actions by saying in the long run these increases will benefit the more deprived students.

It fascinates me that they are surprised that accruing £40,000 in debt would put people off going to university.

They defend themselves by saying that no-one will have to pay back any debt until they are earning £21,000.

It is at this point that you cannot deny that these people, who claim to represent us, have no idea about how working class people live their lives and our fear of debt, due to living just on the edge most of the time.

Now people may agree that young people should pay for their education, but who avoids paying in this scenario?

Our Government which will gain greatly from the taxes that these same young people will pay when they embark on their career?

The private companies which will profit from the skills the young people have had to pay for?

It used to be that companies would train apprentices or at least train staff.

Now private companies demand high levels of education, whilst picking the cream, with limited responsibility to train.

Not only that but state services like Social Work are also gaining.

Services such as these attract high numbers of young people from working class areas, so we are also subsidising Government services. Shame on them.

Universities have experienced an 80 per cent reduction in funding from Government due to the budget cuts, whilst most other areas have seen a 10 per cent cut.

This is a blatant transfer of cost to the individual, in this case the majority of whom are young people.

Yet again the Fib, sorry Lib Dems, have justified this outrage by blaming the deficit, but the students know better.

Posters accusing Topshop owners of tax dodging, when these cuts were introduced, were put on their windows in London.

Where this will end is anyone's guess, but with the upcoming welfare cuts and redundancies I think we can safely assume it will not be the last.

Regardless of what you think of the violence, frustrated and angry people act out their frustration and anger.

Worse than that for the Lib Dems, one protestor explained how he had campaigned for the Liberal Democrats, so that frustration and anger is joined with betrayal, a toxic and not forgotten mix.

What is needed now is the leadership to channel people's anger.

It has been almost six months since the budget was announced and still no sign of a general strike.

If people do not have a legitimate outlet frustration builds.

We need action now and if some of the laws introduced by the Labour Government prevent action being taken in the form of strikes, find a way around it.

Just last week the Spanish Air traffic control held a mass phone in sick protest, as they are not allowed in law to strike.

Where there is a will there is a way. All we need now is the leadership.