"Has it really been a month?" I was asking myself on the journey to the airport this morning (Friday, October 31), en route from Cape Town to Johannesburg. I got Riccardo up at 5.30am to drive me there, bless his brightly coloured novelty cotton socks. On the flip side, he did get to go back for some more sleep, so he could make it to Oktoberfest (basically a German beer-drinking festival) at the Waterfront with some gorgeous girls later that day. He has a tough life here, you know.<br /><br />I've not actually done that much in the extra five days since the others left Cape Town, but that in itself has been satisfying. I don't think I'm alone in thinking that, when you've been in a group environment for most of the time, it's great to be able to do your own thing. This was my opportunity, and I've loved exploring Cape Town a bit more, and just sunbathing by the swimming pool.<br /><br />On Wednesday, Riccardo and I went to visit the town he used to live in before he moved to Scotland. It's called Paarl, and it's a lovely wee town only a short drive from Cape Town. There are a lot of vineyards in the area, and so I had to visit one in Stellenbosch the very next day. Purely for some documentary research, you'll understand.<br /><br />I think I've caught the travel bug. With the trip barely over for most of our group (my last day being today, with Riccardo going home in a couple of weeks), four of us have already been talking about a four-month long road trip across Africa, from Egypt down to South Africa, helping people in each country through small-scale voluntary projects.<br /><br />This probably sounds like the sort of thing that would be dreamt up over a few too many shandies down the local tavern, and you're probably right.<br /><br />However, we've actually come up with quite a good basic plan, plus an idea for yet another documentary series for me to direct.<br /><br />It's very much just a dream at this stage, but then so was the Mandela and Beyond project back in only June of this year.<br /><br />But, "noka e tlatswa ke dinokana," or "a river swells from little streams," says the South African proverb. That's very true.<br /><br />There's loads of stuff to discuss properly when we get back. For example, we must remember that many of the countries that we plan on visiting are unstable, politically and otherwise.<br /><br />Well, this is where I have to leave you, I'm afraid. It's been great fun blogging about my trip, and I really hope you've enjoyed reading, but alas, I've got things to do.<br /><br />As any true Scotsman would, I'm trying to soak up as much sunshine as possible while I'm still here in the thirty-degree heat, even if it's only in the dodgy airport car park. The Irn-Bru and steak bakes can wait.<br /><br />Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/iainmcguinness for exclusive previews of my South Ifrica footage in the near future.</p>