NATALIE Miller says she is part of “just a normal family.”

But for most families their every day antics are not enough to have them recognised in the supermarket… or gain them parts in feature films.

Three years ago Natalie decided to film her son’s first day at school for friends and family to see.

From there, she, husband David, 38, and their two sons Caleb, seven, and Blake, six, have become internet stars.

Now their vlog - a video blog - We're The Millers has reached more than one million hits and brought exciting opportunities for Caleb and Blake.

Natalie said: "We are just a normal family, a normal family from Scotland who happen to video our lives.

"People are interested in us because we are normal, we don’t put on airs and graces.

"Basically, I have been documenting the boys’ journey. People have followed it and it’s helped them.

"It has very much surprised me that it has taken off in this way.

"But then, I watch other people’s videos and it’s amazing how interested in other people’s lives you get."

We're The Millers shows Natalie, David, Caleb and Blake's family milestones, challenges and fun... including a very special announcement on Christmas Day.

Natalie and David used the vlog to let their followers know that, in July, the Millers will become a family of five.

A cute video shows Caleb and Blake unwrapping t-shirts calling them the oldest and middle children while a third gift reveals a scan photo and a t-shirt for a baby.

It is these intimate insights into family life that make the Millers so popular with their fans - and have caught the eye of TV and film bosses.

Blake is currently starring in at advert for supermarket Iceland. He has also filmed What Would Your Kid Do, fronted by Jason Manford, for ITV.

And this summer Caleb scooped a part in feature film The Dark Within, due for release next year.

Natalie said the boys are both very different and each shine in their own way in the vlog, which started when Caleb was off to school.

The 38-year-old said: "Just before Caleb was going to school I thought it would be great if he could remember his first day of school with a video.

"I thought it would be lovely to document him getting ready and the run up.

"We have family who live down south and it was also a great way to let them know what the boys are doing."

Now fans tune in to find out about the boys.

Natalie, from Renfrewshire, added: "Pick all the qualities an amazing child would have and that’s Caleb. He’s so clever, anything he does he learns so fast.

"He’s very competitive and very, very smart. He’s also well behaved and good natured.

"Blake is our little whirlwind. We love to see how he reacts to things. He makes everybody laugh and very much knows his own mind.

"David is not in them as much due to being out at work but his Scottish accent is more broad than mine so people don’t always understand him as well as they do me."

The Millers are currently working with the Scottish Government on the Read, Write, Count campaign, which gives parents tips on how to help their children learn while having fun.

Natalie has filmed the boys' favourite games for the vlog.

She said: "You can't consistently 24/7 be at their beck and call so it's good to have something that will calm them down and give you the chance to get on with your own things.

"One of their favourite games is writing a list of what they would take into space - which can include anything from windows to the kitchen sink."

Natalie, who has returned to college to learn about film making and editing, says Blake and Caleb love making videos but she is very careful not to push them to if they are having an off day.

She said: "They say “Mum, can we make a video about Christmas? Can we do the Marshmallow Challenge?’ They love doing stuff like that.

"When we are out and about doing stuff they are doing what they would normally do and don’t notice the camera, they treat it as if it’s another person they’re used to seeing there.

"They absolutely love it but sometimes you get the odd day where they don’t want to do it and so they don’t."

Of course, Natalie knows putting her boys in front of the camera comes with challenges, such as online trolling.

She is very careful to protect the children from negative comments online and is also cautious about what she posts.

Natalie said: "It might seem like everything is online but there are, of course, things we keep private.

"I'm hoping Caleb and Blake will take over the vlog when they are older and it will become their thing with the two of them.

"Children nowadays need to learn about the internet as it is part of their everyday lives so it's about teaching them how to use it responsibly."