A homeless man has been hailed a hero after standing guard in freezing weather over cash left in a car outside a city court - for almost three hours.

James John McGeown has today become a viral hit after the amazing story was posted onto Facebook by the owner of the car, John McMonagle.

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The motorist, who owns McMonagles fish and chip shop in Clydebank, described the tale as “breathtaking.”

John wrote: “While at Glasgow Sheriff Court with Alyshia Orford, after three hours, upon returning to my car, I could see the police around it.

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“I approached the police officer who told me I left the window of my car down and Alyshia’s handbag was in full view. There was £400 in the bag and I had £50 in the centre counsel.

“James noticed the window down and seen the handbag. He stood in the freezing rain for two-and-a-half hours to make sure no-one entered my car. He was so cold.

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“He took the bag and rummaged through it to see if there was any ID. There wasn’t, so the building behind was a solicitors office, Browns.

“He took the bag and held it to the receptionist and explained everything, also telling them there was £400 in the bag.

“He explained there was also money in the car and the receptionist called the police. This is is when I arrived.

“This man is homeless and alcohol-dependant and an absolute GENTLEMAN.

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“We were even having some banter on realising I follow the opposite Glasgow team from him. He said if he knew that, he would have taken the bag. God bless you, James.”

Shared just three hours ago, it has already gathered 20,000 reactions - and counting.

The managing director of Clydebank Estate Agents, Tom Sheridan, has since stepped in to say his team is more than happy to offer help to James.

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