A Glasgow reveller scaled a cherry picker to start a crowd singalong at Royal Exchange Square.

The unknown man, who was believed to have been intoxicated, climbed onto the platform of the cherry picker on Saturday night. 

Captured on camera, he starts singing for the crowds spilling out of the nightclubs and bars sparking a singalong. 

Police were called to the scene and can be seen standing underneath the cherry picker waiting on fire crews to arrive. 

The man dances and sings for entertained revellers who join in, before beginning to remove his clothes and sing at police officers. 

At the end of the clip, another man, thought to be a pal, shouts towards the unknown performer begging him to stop and come down.

The video was posted on Sunday by user Craig Dunn with the caption: "The most Scottish thing you'll ever see is this hero who got wrecked and somehow climbed up a cherry picker outside Social in Glasgow and started singing to the polis. Both our phone batts ran out but he got naked and jailed at the end when the firemen managed to lower him down..who wants to crowd fund this guys lawyer??"

Since Sunday, has been shared on Facebook 2,000 times.

Writing on Facebook, Barry Irvine said: "Only in Glasgow."

Another user Anne Hamilton said: "What an irresponsible thing to do and a waste of emergency service time, got to say it's flipping hilarious."

Kathleen Douglas wrote: "People mame Glasgow."

A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed officers did attend the scene but the male was not charged.