Kezia Dugdale came in for some stick online after she floundered when she was asked a Harry Potter question in an I’m A Celebrity challenge.

The former Scottish Labour leader and campmate Stanley Johnson had to answer a series of questions – while covered in bugs – during the Fear Factory trial on the ITV show.

When they were asked whether Lord Voldemort’s real name was Tom Riddle or Tom Malfoy, Dugdale hesitated then guessed: “I think he must be a Malfoy.”

Fans of JK Rowling’s wizarding tales were “fuming” that the politican got it wrong.

“‘What is Lord Voldemort also known as? Tom Riddle or Tom Malfoy?’ ‘Tom Malfoy’ I AM SCREAMING,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“What the hell Stanley and Kez. Tom Malfoy? Really? Harry Potter is the greatest film franchise ever. How can anyone get that wrong,” wondered another viewer.

One snapped: “FUMING that Stanley and Kez got that Harry Potter question wrong! Tom Malfoy?! ARE U KIDDING ME?”

“Uncultured swines,” said another person.

However, Dugdale and Johnson did manage to answer some of the other questions correctly and secured five stars for the camp.

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