A DRUNK thug made gun motions at bus passengers before telling cops he was an Irish Republican "trained to shoot".

Police on the beat in Glasgow City Centre noticed a commotion on June 17 around 5.30pm and went to check all was in order.

They found Stephen Minogue shouting and swearing before making a gun motion with his hands and pretending to shoot bus passengers.

The 56-year-old shouted "Up the 'RA" to passers-by at George Street near George Square.

He then went on to shout that he was an Irish Republican police officer, adding: "But not for your shoddy Queen."

Cops collared him before taking him to the city centre police office.

While on his way there, Minogue, from the Wyndford, added: "I'm an Irish Republican trained to shoot.

"Are you scared now?"

Sheriff Anthony Deutsch placed Minogue on a Community Payback Order with 200 hours of unpaid work to be completed in six months.