Mandy will be back soon for a third series on the BBC, with Diane Morgan once again returning to play the titular character.

The series, which was created and written by Morgan as well, follows the hapless and job-shy Mandy getting into all sorts of daft situations.

Quite a few episodes have her trying to hold down a job in the gig economy to not much success.

Speaking to the Radio Times on her favourite episodes in this series Morgan said: "There's three I like equally – the first episode, Destination: Dundee, is great because it feels quite filmic and it was lovely to work with Paul Ready from Motherland again, and he's really great in it.

"Episode 5, Nandy, because I liked playing Mandy's nan, which was fun, and there's some puppets in it, so that was a bit different.

"And the final episode, because it's got a lot of visual moments in it that I always enjoy. It's very dramatic, and it's got a musical finale, and who doesn't like that. One of my favourite bits in it is where I have a party hat on – that's probably my favourite bit of the whole series, but it won't be anyone else's."

Mandy series 3 full cast list

  • Diane Morgan as Mandy Carter
  • Michelle Greenidge as Lola
  • Tom Basden as Benefits Advisor
  • Mark Silcox as various characters
  • Roger Sloman as various characters
  • Alistair Green as various characters
  • Michael Spicer as various characters
  • Jackie Clune as various characters
  • Yuriko Kotani as various characters
  • Paul Ready 
  • Beverley Callard
  • Nathan Foad
  • Robbie Gee

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When will Mandy series 3 be on TV?

The first episode of Mandy series 3 will air at 10pm on Wednesday, March 27 on BBC Two with the second episode airing immediately afterwards at 10.15pm.

After that, the third and fourth episodes will air in the same timeslot on Wednesday, April 3 with the final two scheduled for Wednesday, April 10.

Alternatively, the episodes will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer.