The sitcom Here We Go is set to return for its second series on the BBC very soon, with all the main cast returning.

It will continue to follow the lives of the dysfunctional Jessop family from the point of view of the handheld camera held by teenager Sam.

The show was created by Tom Basden, with the pilot episode, originally titled Pandemonium, airing back in December 2020.

A full series was commissioned which was broadcast in 2022, with a further two series greenlit after that.

Speaking to Chortle about series two of Here We Go, Basden shared: "Series two sees the characters embark on a new stage of their lives and all try their hand at reinventing themselves a little bit.

"At the end of series one, I teased the idea that Paul was going to train to become a policeman and Rachel would go back to university. So in series two both of them are trying to blend in among new groups of people – with, it’s fair to say, mixed results." 

Discussing the challenges of writing a second series he said: "Because a lot of it is based on my own family, or people I know or things that have happened to me, I can often find things that feel like they would happen to the Jessops by going through people and events from my own life.

"So it's definitely not easy, finding a way to make all the different storylines interact but if you've got funny ideas and funny characters at the heart of it then certainly it makes it a lot easier."

Clydebank Post: Alison Steadman, Katherine Parkinson and Jim Howick star in the seriesAlison Steadman, Katherine Parkinson and Jim Howick star in the series (Image: BBC Studios/Jonathan Browning)

BBC Here We Go series 2 full cast

  • Jim Howick as Paul
  • Katherine Parkinson as Rachel
  • Alison Steadman as Sue
  • Freya Parks as Amy
  • Tom Basden as Robin
  • Jude Collie as Sam
  • Tori Allen-Martin as Cherry
  • Brydie Service as Fara
  • Aidan Cheng as Xiaoming
  • Ed Kear as Dean
  • Jon Furlong as Jelson
  • Harry Enfield
  • Simon Farnaby
  • Dolly Wells
  • Sophie Wu
  • Andrew Brooke

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When will Here We Go series 2 air on TV?

The first episode of the second series of Here We Go will air at 8pm on Friday, February 2 on BBC One.

After that, the remaining five episodes will air in the same timeslot on Fridays in the corresponding weeks.

Here We Go will be available to watch on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.