A CARE home was found to have body fluids on its furniture and residents left "unkempt", according to a report. 

Clyde Court Care Home was judged as ‘weak’ by the Care Inspectorate in terms of their setting, leadership and support offered for people's wellbeing.

The facility on South Avenue was graded as ‘adequate’ for the quality of their staff team when inspectors visited in five unannounced visits in April and May this year.

Concerns highlighted in the Care Inspectorate report include the cleanliness of the resident's clothes, the lack of promoting independence for the people and the lack of staff available to respond to distress and stress.

The report stated: "Most people looked unkempt with their hair not brushed and not washed on our first day of arrival.

"People had experienced some outings; however, this was not enough to ensure people were suitably stimulated both mentally and physically. During the inspection, we observed there were prolonged periods when people had nothing to do and looked bored or fell asleep."

It was also revealed that objects contaminated with body fluids had been removed and cleaned since the visit as part of an urgent requirement issued by the inspectors.

It also said: "The same malodour was to be found on cushions, chairs, and mattresses. Following thorough checks, we found that bodily fluids had seeped through to the furniture and flooring which was the cause of the malodour.

"Due to the severity of our concerns, we issued the provider with a short-term requirement to remove and clean any contaminated objects. This requirement was met within the set timescales."

By the end of August, the facility has been instructed to provide a varied programme of meaningful activities and ensure that care and support are provided in an outcome-focused way that links to individual choices, preferences and needs.

Other requirements include ensuring the premises and environment people are living in are clean, well maintained and free from malodour.

A spokesperson for Clyde Court said: “We were very disappointed by the Care Inspectorate April inspection and working alongside the local authority and the various professional agencies we acted quickly to resolve the issues that were identified.

"The report notes that we have already made huge progress, and the experienced management team and new provider have met the immediate requirements and improvements by June. We are committed to continue to improve standards throughout the Home for our residents.

"It is important to highlight that the Care Inspectorate recognised the responsiveness of the team on the ground and the new provider. We are grateful to our staff for the commitment and loyalty they have shown to our residents in this period and are confident in considerably improving our score in the next inspection.”