CLYDEBANK taxi drivers have claimed that faded road markings and a lack of visible signage at a local rank is negatively impacting the trade.

Drivers have raised concerns over people “constantly” using the Alexander Street rank as a parking bay due to unclear road markings.

Clydebank Post:

Charles Murray, chairman of Clydebank Taxi Operators and Drivers Trade, told the Post that this can prevent taxis from being able to access the rank during key hours of the day.

Charles said: “People need to know that this is a taxi rank and not a parking bay.

"We pay fees for these ranks to be maintained and if we are outside of them the police could come along and fine us.

“People park here all the time and we tell them they need to move and they just look at you.

"If we can’t get in that rank and the other side is already full that is three to four fewer taxis in the town centre.

“We gave the council’s [West Dunbartonshire Council] roads department a list of roads – as we are in and out of streets all the time – that need to be sorted.

“They always say ‘we’ll get round to it’ but when will that be? Their actions are very, very slow, it’s all just words and false promises.

“Also, if we had signage up here it would let the public know clearly not to park there.”

Clydebank Post:

Drivers added that a reported lack of enforcement when it comes to motorists parking in designated bays is also giving cause for concern.

It is understood that a proposal for the council to take on parking enforcement powers in West Dunbartonshire is currently being developed.

Clydebank Post: The taxi rank at Alexander Street in ClydebankThe taxi rank at Alexander Street in Clydebank (Image: Newsquest staff)

Charles explained that wardens could help tackle the issue as the threat of receiving a fine might prevent people from parking in the rank.

He added: “If it’s affecting your pocket you won’t do it. It’s like the Low Emission Zone [LEZ] in Glasgow as people know that they can go into it now or they’ll be fined.

“It’s just ignorant and it’s an obstruction for us as if we can’t park in the ranks we can’t provide our service.

“It’s bad enough that there’s nothing really in Clydebank for the trade. There are no discos, hardly any restaurants, and if you look back at the last ten years a lot of pubs have shut down.

“Be courteous.”

A West Dunbartonshire Council spokesperson said: “We will undertake an inspection of this area and refresh the lines as required.”