A CLYDEBANK charity insists they are "disgusted" after plants and pots were stolen from their community garden.

Flourishing Faifley made the announcement on social media, voicing their frustration at the situation.

They claim five plants and three pots were stolen from the area between last Friday afternoon and yesterday morning.

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Writing on Facebook, they said: "We actually can't believe we are having to put this out there but some time between Friday afternoon and Monday morning the flower beds outside the Secret Garden that we have been working on for a community project have had five plants stolen and three planted pots.

"We are absolutely disgusted that someone would do this not only to a community charity but to an organisation that was using these beds for the free family summer club to use for us hunting.

"We are even more annoyed that we give away for free loads of plants to anyone who needs them when we have them and the kids of the community who usually get a bad reputation for vandalism etc have been absolutely amazing and have not touched one single thing in the beds and we are very grateful and proud of that.

"The sad thing is that this has been an adult who has chosen the plants they wanted and also tried to cover it up and move other pots about hoping we wouldn't notice, totally uncalled for.

"Luckily some neighbours who have been loving the new addition outside the garden brightening up the street have cameras and are going to go through them to see if we can catch who it is."