A Clydebank couple "can't believe how long it's been" as they prepare to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Bob and Ann McCafferty, from Duntocher, first met in 1971 as they were both students at Jordanhill College.

Bob, 23 at the time, had just changed career after being a civil engineer when he met 18-year-old Ann who was studying to be a primary school teacher.

He said: "I worked in civil engineering and I gave up the job and was looking for something else to do. I signed up for a mature student course on community work at the college.

"I was barely in college when I saw my wife-to-be, without realising it of course. I met her a couple of months after I joined and she was doing a primary school teacher's diploma.

"It’s strange, I remember going to college and it was very sunny weather. I saw her walking past and I gave a double take. I bumped into her again and then arranged to meet her for a coffee.

"We then went to the college disco and everything just went from there. We left college, got engaged, then got married."

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The couple were engaged in January 1973, two years after meeting, before getting married the following year.

Ann grew up in Argyll and went to Jordanhill to study. They decided the perfect place to marry would be on the farm where she was raised. 

They married at A'Chleit Church just south of Tayinloan in Kintyre and had a small reception with close family and friends.

Ann made her own wedding dress and cake.

Bob and Ann McCafferty on their wedding day in 1974 (Image: Newsquest)Following their marriage they moved to Cumbernauld to start their life together.

They then became parents to Laura and Paul and are now grandparents to Lucy and Rosa.

Settling in Duntocher 43 years ago, Bob says they have made their home here.

He said: "My wife is a fantastic gardener and she has invested a lot of her time in the garden and making this house our home. People talk about downsizing but we love the space.

"I’m the town mouse and she is the country mouse, like the children's tale."

Bob and Ann in November 2023Bob and Ann in November 2023 (Image: Supplied) Reflecting on fifty years together Ann says it's "hard to believe it's been that long" as they look to their future.

She said: "In a way, it feels like a long time because I have known him more than I haven’t known him. When I was younger, I was very afraid of being attached but he was really the first person I loved.

"We are kind of a foil for each other because I tend to bash ahead and get things done whereas he will put the brakes on and think about it, we have that kind of balance.

"We both love dancing and have been doing it for 50 years.

"We are going to keep going on holiday and do what we can. We are still kind of young and we want to keep doing things."

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Bob added: "We’ve shared a heck of a lot, seeing our children grow up, having our jobs, our hobbies.

"I wrote a song for her and drew a charcoal sketch of her. It's still up on our wall. She inspired me music-wise too, I'm part of a ukulele group.

"It's just as overwhelming as celebrating your wedding day to think where did all the time go."

Bob and Ann are now heading for Carnoustie for some anniversary celebrations joined by close family and friends.