A CAMPAIGN has been launched to tackle youth street drinking across the country. 

'It'll Cost You!', spearheaded by Police Scotland, the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership and Community Alcohol Partnerships, aims to increase public consciousness regarding the consequences and illegalities of buying alcohol for those aged under 18.

The striking warning at the heart of the campaign is the hefty fine or possible prison sentence facing those who buy or attempt to buy alcohol for anyone underage.

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Known as proxy purchasing, these actions are criminal under Scottish law and were the cause of 18 detections during the course of last year.

The campaign will run until Monday, August 12 across Scotland.

It is the continuation of a series of initiatives that police say has seen a marked increase in awareness about the issue, despite persisting problems.

Superintendent Joanne McEwan said: "This campaign showcases the benefits of key partners working together to inform the public of dangers associated with underage drinking, as well as the criminal consequences for supplying those under 18 with alcohol."

Luke McGarty, chair of the SAIP Campaigns Group and Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Scottish Grocers Federation, said: "Proxy purchasing is not an easy crime to detect and retailers are the first line of defence.

"The 'It'll Cost You!' campaign fits perfectly with SGF's position of promoting responsible community retailing.

"We look forward to continuing to work with our partners on the campaign again this year."

Grahame Clarke, community alcohol partnership coordinator, said: “The campaign gives us an opportunity to spread the "It’ll Cost You!" message in local communities, highlighting the dangers of buying alcohol for young people.

"We look forward to working with Police Scotland and the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers to make sure that this messaging is carried through all our engagement activity this summer.”