DRUMCHAPEL residents are calling on Glasgow City Council (GCC) to turn the site of an old school in the area into social housing.

Summerhill Primary was destroyed in 2002 after a fire ripped through the building.

It was eventually demolished in September of that year, with the land lying empty ever since.

(Image: Colin Mearns) And Drumchapel Community Council (DCC) feel the site's potential is currently being wasted.

Andrew Lynch, chair of the group, said: "The community council would like to see housing built on the land.

"There are people in Drumchapel who are in their 40s and living with their parents because of a lack of housing.

"I would like to see action on this from the council.

"There is a big waiting list for housing and it is something the council must have a plan in place to resolve.

"We have been in dialogue with GCC for at least 20 years about the issue."

(Image: Colin Mearns) The Post previously reported how the area has had a problem with fly-tipping.

Andrew insists this is one of the many problems that would be resolved if housing was built on the land.

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"This is a great community but the current issue of the land lying empty is blighting it," he continued.

"It seems to be that whoever is dumping the rubbish is doing so at night.

"It makes it look like people do not care about their community even though that could not be further from the truth.

"There is a housing crisis and it needs resolved. People are complaining to the community council about the issue so we feel it is important that the problem is highlighted.

"Even if housing can’t be built on the land, I really think the council need to do something with the area."

(Image: Colin Mearns) A GCC spokesperson said: "There are no current plans for housing at the Summerhill site, primarily because of the drainage and flooding challenges there.

"This in line with the guidance provided by the Drumchapel Local Development Framework (LDF).

"It notes that the 'former Summerhill Road/Drummore Road sites had been identified for housing in the early 2000s and were part of the New Neighbourhood sites from Drumchapel, but there are drainage constraints and surface water flooding risks that would need to be overcome prior to any planning consent being granted'.

"New housing in Drumchapel is part of the Levelling Up project for the town centre."

(Image: Colin Mearns)