A Clydebank musician and his band say they are teaming up with a social enterprise that aims to end homelessness in and around Glasgow.

The Odd Socks – formed of Dean Freeman, Oran McBride, Hassi White, and Lewis Lynn – told the Post they are “linking up” with the Blank Faces in the hopes of running a creative workshop.

The Blank Faces is a Glasgow-based clothing brand set up in 2018. It sells clothes designed by people experiencing homelessness.

Dean, the lead singer of the Odd Socks, explained that he hopes to reach out to as many people as possible after being homeless himself a few years ago.

The Odd Socks also performed on Go Radio recentlyThe Odd Socks also performed on Go Radio recently (Image: Dean Freeman) The musician said: “I read about the Blank Faces in the Glasgow Times last year. I’d been following them for a wee while and I just reached out to them to see if we could do something to help.

“Even if they wanted to a merch stand at one of our gigs. We don’t want any profit from it, everything they do sounds amazing and we want to get on board.

“I just think it is a good company to work with as a lot of their profits are donated to charities in and around Glasgow.

“We want to get in and do a creative workshop which focuses on self-expression and songwriting.

“I was homeless myself a few years ago and during that time I would play the guitar. We want to reach out to as many people as we can.

“I never expected half the things that have come up for me now, I didn’t expect to go to Abbey Road Studios or be in a band.”

The Odd Socks are set to perform across Scotland this summer following the release of their debut single Déjà Vu on June 14.

Dean, who grew up in John Knox Street, said he hopes to bring the Blank Faces to some of the upcoming gigs. 

The group are playing their "biggest show yet" this weekend in Glasgow. 

He added: “We are headlining Room Two in Glasgow on June 22, that’s our biggest show yet. We’re then playing at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on June 28 supporting another band called White Lines.

“We’re looking forward to branching out and getting the music out to new ears. We want to bring Blank Faces through to Edinburgh, they work up and down the whole of the UK.

“We’re just happy to be on board and working alongside them.”

The Odd Socks were formed in September 2023 and shortly after were invited to record their debut single at the World-famous Abbey Road Studios.

Now that the single has been released the group revealed that they have been invited back down to the London studio in January to record an EP.

Dean said: “It’ll be four tracks on the EP. We’ll be putting in a lot more work and we’ve got more experience now in terms of what we want to do with our sound.

“We’re over the moon with the way things are working out and we’re excited to get the music out.

"It’s a really overwhelming experience. It’s everything we’ve been working towards over the years as individual musicians and then coming together with our band.

“We can’t wait for this journey.”