Founders of a community group say the organisation has went 'from strength to strength' since formation.

Jackie Lorimer and Caroline Fairbairn from Flourishing Faifley say volunteering has helped them feel like they have a purpose.

The charity marked its second anniversary in January and the pair have praised the impact volunteering has had in their lives.

Flourishing Families was born out of the Faifley community group after personal experiences showed them there was a demand for the service.

Jackie said: “The nearest nursery was in Duntocher, so when both my daughters were pregnant, we posted on Facebook to see if there would any demand for a new group and the response was great.

“When our kids moved to high school, we had to leave the parent council and we were looking for something else to do.

"We had been talking about different ideas for months, and then at least half a dozen of us got together to look at how we could start Flourishing Faifley. This gave us a basis to start other projects.”  

Caroline added: “Flourishing Families has gone from strength to strength. We have a full room every time with around 20 children and their carers every Tuesday and Thursday. Every week someone new arrives. People can come from as far as Drumchapel because they don’t have this type of facility there”. 

Both Jackie and Caroline are experienced volunteers and are clear on the benefits it has but for differing reasons.

Jackie said: “I enjoy the social aspect of volunteering, seeing the improvement in the lives of people in the groups and the difference we make in the community. The family's group has opened up the opportunity for mums dealing with post-natal depression to come together and support each other”.

Caroline added: “My reasons for volunteering are a bit more selfish, I suppose. I’ve always suffered from anxiety since I was young... and volunteering helps me to get out, meeting and socialising with others. I feel better for it every day, getting fresh air, keeping active with the walking group and making new friends. I feel more motivated to try new things and I feel like I have more purpose in life”. 

Attending Flourishing Families is generally free, although a £1 donation per session is always welcomed.