A FOUNDER of a charity in Clydebank has praised the volunteers who help run the group.

Nicola Mable runs the Recycle Room, a resource based in the Onslow Road Community Hall.

The service, which started from a conversation between parents in the playground, accepts anything which can be recycled or re-used – including clothes, school uniforms, household bundles, baby items, community laundry, books, DVDs and half tins of paint.

And Nicola opened up on how the charity started.

She said, “My husband was in the army for 24 years, so we moved about quite a bit.

"Having four kids I was quite used to passing stuff down amongst them.

"One mum told me that she had gone from unemployed to employed, but it was going to be over a month until she was paid.

"Her child had grown, and she needed new school clothes and the local charity shops were even asking £10 for a jacket. 

"Fortunately, I could help but it got me thinking and the Recycle Room was born”.  

As part of Volunteers Week the Post is highlighting organisations and groups that make a difference locally.

And Nicola detailed the importance of having a strong team at the Recycle Room.

“I’d only ever helped with kids activities like brownies and guides before," she continued.

"But I’ve been doing this for 10 years now. I never thought it would become anything, but we have a brilliant team.

"We know each other well and work well together.

"The Recycle Room is run solely by volunteers, and without them we wouldn’t have the service.

“I really enjoy the moment when people leave happy, and I know I’m making a bit of a difference to the community."