A mystery Mecca Bingo winner has scooped a £50k prize in Drumchapel.

The lucky player thought she had only won £50 so was stunned when she realised she had hit the jackpot.

The woman had made the last-minute decision to join the game which paid off as she struck a full house.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was playing with her family at the club on Allerdyce Court when she won last week.

General manager, Alistair Steel, said: “The winner claimed a full house and initially thought she’d won £50, which she was pleased with.

“When we verified her win and clarified that she’d actually won £50,000 she was stunned.

“She’d decided on a whim to join her family on a day out and couldn’t quite believe her luck.

“She was delighted when we told her how much she’d won, she hadn’t realised the size of the jackpot prizes."

The winner was playing on one of Mecca’s electronic tablets, which automatically marks the numbers off as they’re called and alerts the caller when a prize is due to be paid out.

The National Game sees bingo clubs across the country join up to play.

The fabulous £50k national jackpot is triggered, on top of the local club’s cash prize, when a player matches all the numbers on their ticket and claims a ‘full house’ within the first 16 numbers being called.

Alistair explained how the club reacted: “Everyone in the club started cheering and applauding.

"Our caller, Liam, and ticket sales staff, Tina, were just delighted to make another of our customers a big winner."