The council has issued a new roadworks protocol to prevent traffic gridlock in local towns.

As the roads authority, West Dunbartonshire Council is mandated to manage and coordinate all roadworks within its public road network.

The new Protocol for Road Works on Traffic Sensitive Roads provides clear legal guidelines for organisations conducting work on the road network.

It brings together both the legislative responsibilities and local requirements for agencies.

Gail Macfarlane, chief officer of Roads and Neighbourhood, said: "Roadworks ultimately improve the local network but while they are being carried out we understand they can be disruptive for motorists, pedestrians and those using public transport.

"In order to ensure our networks can run smoothly, we will be implementing this protocol which brings together the regulations we currently have into one key document.

“It ensures that organisations which are carrying out works do so in a reasonable timescale and that emergency works are such that they cannot wait to be carried out.

"The roads department will liaise closely with agencies to ensure that they are aware of the protocol and that they comply.”