A nursery in Clydebank celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week by teaching their children about managing their emotional well-being.

Tots R Us Nursery dressed in green on Thursday (May 16) to raise awareness of mental health.

The centre recently signed the Mental Health at Work Commitment and wanted to filter this down to the children.

Both staff and children participated in physical activities such as dancing and yoga and they even had a spa day.

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The assistant manager said they had great discussions about how movement can have a positive impact on mental health, improve self-esteem and boost your mood.

This helped the children develop their knowledge and understanding of emotions and ways to manage their emotions and self-regulate. 

Here is what some children had to say:

"Yoga is healthy."

"I am happy and calm."

"We can take our pets for a walk."

"Playing outside makes me happy."

Shannon Anderson, assistant manager of Tots R Us, said: “It was a full week and we did a lot of activities. On Thursday we wore green, had green biscuits and did yoga sessions with the kids.

“We talked about identifying emotions and how you can manage mental health.

“All age groups took part and it was a fantastic week.”