A local financial advice group has called for more action following confirmation of the latest energy bill price cap.

West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) says they are seeing the devasting impact of debt on people after the latest energy price cap fell by 7%.

Confirmed by the energy regulator Ofgem on May 24, the cap for the third quarter of the year is set to decrease energy bills by an average of £122 from July.

Joe McCormack, chief officer of CAB said: “Any fall in fuel bills is of course welcome but we have to remember the massive heights they are falling from, and also the wider context of people not being able to keep up with the costs of other essentials like rent, mortgage payments and food as well as fuel.

“In addition, tens of thousands of households across Scotland have significant energy debt that has built up – Citizens Advice Scotland reports over £2,300 for the average Scottish CAB client last year. This debt is having a devastating effect on people.

"Scottish CABs deal every day with people who just can't afford to pay all of their bills and what we need to see, as well as further cuts in energy bills, is action to make energy much more affordable and stable. So we reinforce our calls for a social tariff for consumers on low incomes."

“CAB advisers see far too many horrific examples of people having to choose between heating and eating, and warmer weather over the summer doesn’t mean that spending choices become easier. In fact, for families with children it may be even more challenging."

Anyone who is worried about bills and money can contact 0800 484 0136 or visit wdcab.co.uk.