A YOUTH employment charity has held a job fair with a difference in Clydebank.

Street League is a UK-wide organisation that uses sport as an engagement and learning development tool to support young people in finding employment or going into further education.

And the recent event at Goals in Clydebank saw them combine a football tournament with the chance for those in attendance to speak to potential employers.

Clydebank Post: Kate Thomson, who is operations manager for the West of Scotland branch of the charity, explained why it was important they offered something different to keep young people engaged.

"It is vital to have an employability-focused angle, with qualifications etc, while also promoting fitness," she said. 

"We wanted to do a football tournament along with providing the chance for those here to speak to potential employers.

Clydebank Post: "It is nice to offer an alternative event and we would love to make it an annual thing."

Several organisations were in attendance at the event, including Burger King, the Army and Navy.

Clydebank Post: The young people were also given a talk at the start on the importance of teamwork and using the event as an opportunity to network.

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Jack Herd, who works for the charity as a progressive coordinator, explained his own personal connection to the organisation.

"My role involves helping young people in a variety of ways, whether that is working on their physical or mental health, their career path and how to get involved in society," he said.

Clydebank Post: "Every young person is different and our role is to try and cater to that.

"People might have given up on them in the past but we do not do that.

"We are here to give them support and help them progress in their lives."

Clydebank Post: Street League insists that the structure of the event is a good way to engage young people.

Mixing sports with employment and educational advice is something the charity prides itself on.

And two current members of the programme explained how much they are enjoying it.

Clydebank Post: "I have been a part of it for six weeks and have been training for today’s tournament," said Scott Short, 16.

"I love sport so the fact the tournament aspect has been included really encouraged me to come down.

"This is exactly the sort of event schools should be incorporating into their curriculum."

Clydebank Post: Jack Gangel, 16, added: "It has been very good and the organisers have done great in setting it up.

"We have been at previous job fairs that have been nothing like this.

Clydebank Post: The event took place at Goals in Clydebank"It has been great to speak to all the employers here."