A Clydebank chippy recently reopened and marked the occasion by raising funds to support a local food bank and charity.

Adrianos welcomed Bankies back this week with a ‘£4 supper special’ which ran on Tuesday.

Clydebank Post: Joe Gibson, who owns the Kilbowie Road chip shop, told the Post that £2 from each sale was donated to Golden Friendships and Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels (OKFP).

Clydebank Post: The 46-year-old, who grew up in Dalmuir, explained the event was held to let the community know Adrianos is back and “here to help”.

He said: “We had thought about doing a £2 supper deal but then nobody benefitted from that so the £4 special means we can donate half to charity.

“It’s very important to support local charities because they’re doing the work every day, we can’t do it every day but we want to help them.

“We picked Golden Friendships and Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels as they are two local but totally different charities that are much needed.

“This is just to say we’re back and we’re here to help. A lot of people are having a time of it with money just now so £4 is affordable to most.

“It means the charities get donations and everyone else gets a cheap meal. Every penny counts.”

Clydebank Post: The team at Adrianos The team at Adrianos (Image: Maureen Cummings)Joe and his staff served up 253 suppers on the day which meant that both groups received a donation of £253 each.

Maureen Cummings, founder of OKFP, explained she is “thrilled to bits” with the support.

She added that the funds will help restock the food bank’s shelves at a time when food donations are “really low”.

Clydebank Post: Maureen said: “We were thrilled to bits. Without local businesses' support, we would be lost in the community.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to get our name out and help other people who might not have heard about us.

“We’re very grateful for the support. We’re struggling just now with food. Our numbers are just rising and rising and the food donations are really low.

“We never usually put appeals out for money because we always need food so anything that goes in the collection tin from Adrianos will go straight to restocking the shelves in the pantry.”

Clydebank Post: Joe and MaureenJoe and Maureen (Image: Joe Gibson)Jim McLaren, founder of Golden Friendships added: “We’re absolutely delighted with the support, I can’t thank them [Adrianos] enough.”

Clydebank Post: Joe and JimJoe and Jim (Image: Joe Gibson)Taking over Adrianos hadn’t always been the plan for Joe who has spent the past 23 years in Donegal.

He explained that after an initial shop fell through he spotted the Clydebank unit was up for grabs and thought ‘Why not?’

Joe added: “I left Clydebank when I was 23 and moved to Ireland for another 23 years. I came back to open this shop.

“I was about to buy a chip shop in Donegal and it fell through at the last minute and then this came up.

“Everything happens for a reason.”