THE Northern Lights were available all over the UK last weekend with aurora viewers treated to stunning sights.

There were incredible views of the lights across Scotland on Friday and Saturday night thanks to a recent solar storm.

Residents across West Dunbartonshire captured images of the lights.

Here are some of the best photos sent in by Clydebank Post readers and camera club members.

Clydebank College, photo by Laura Barnes

Clydebank Post:

Faifley woods, photo by Angela Cranwell

Clydebank Post:

Drumchapel, photo by Graeme Mccoy

Clydebank Post: Photo by Susan Mclaughlin

Clydebank Post: Photo by Carol Williams Young

Clydebank Post: High Park, photo by Conrad Gross

Clydebank Post: Photo by Hannah Butler

Clydebank Post: Knightswood, photo by Susannah Warner

Clydebank Post:

Photo by Paul Morrice

Clydebank Post:

Drumchapel, photo by Yvonne StewartClydebank Post: