A popular indoor go-karting track in Clydebank has been granted the green light to serve alcohol after being given the go-ahead by West Dunbartonshire councillors.   

TeamSport, which operates 35 indoor go-karting tracks in the UK, three of which are in Scotland, and another five in Germany, is now the country’s largest indoor go-karting company. 

Representatives for the facility at 25 John Knox Street attended West Dunbartonshire Council on Tuesday to explain how the company would operate if they were successful in obtaining a licence. 

A spokesperson for the group explained how licences had already been obtained for Cambuslang and Dundee.

They said: “No customer will be allowed on the track if they have consumed alcohol. That is their policy across the UK. 

“Teamsport operates with wristbands. If you do not have a wristband you will not be allowed onto the track and if you do still have a wristband you will not be allowed to purchase alcohol.

“Groups will always be accompanied by a member of staff so no one can sneak off to the bar. 

“The premises will not be converted into a pub – this is very much an add-on facility.” 

During the meeting, Dumbarton councillor Gurpreet Singh Johal raised concerns about alcohol intake at the premises in front of children and young people. 

Councillor Johal said: “I would like some information on how you are planning to sell the alcohol because I have been there with my children and it is quite a busy place – especially on a Saturday.

“When will you serve alcohol? Are there going to be extra staff to manage this?”

The spokesperson replied: “There is the reception which is also the bar area where people can take a table.

"The other activity will be pre-booked functions where we serve but it is all managed by staff who will manage the party areas.

“We can certainly feed that back about the staff levels if there was a concern there because that is something they need to manage internally.

“It is a destination venue. People are very much there for that activity and perhaps have a couple of drinks after it.

“It is not the type of place they would encourage people to stay in for a long period of time. You move on from your session when another session comes in.”