A talented youth kickboxer who cut out sweets for more than a month has said “it was worth it” as he took home his first gold medal.

Tyler-James Cervenka-Semple came out on top at the World Karate & Kickboxing Commission’s Scottish Open which was held at Braehead Arena on April 27.

The 11-year-old who trains weekly at Clydebank Leisure Centre achieved a gold medal for point sparring and a silver medal for continuous sparring.

Clydebank Post: He said: “I was really proud of myself. I was nervous before the competition as I didn’t know who I would be fighting against or what their skills were.

“If it wasn’t for Lisa, my coach, telling me to keep my guard up I would have probably got two silvers.

"I put all my effort in and I think I’ve improved a lot.”

The Knightswood youngster was put through his paces ahead of the event.

His dad Jay Cruz Semple told the Post that he trained Tyler-James in a similar way to the style of a professional fight camp.

This included daily workouts, strength and conditioning training, and focusing on nutrition.

Clydebank Post: Tyler-James and his dad Jay Cruz Semple Tyler-James and his dad Jay Cruz Semple (Image: Marie Alexandra)Jay said: “I put him through a full professional fight camp like UFC fighters do. Every single day I got people with eyesight [Jay lost his eyesight in 2014] to review what he was doing.

“We’d look back and say ‘Okay he needs to work on his balance or his distance’. We used focus mitts, kick shields, everything.

“I even suffered torn ligaments and tendons training him because of the impact when holding the shield whilst he was kicking it, but we continued.

“He did an hour of training every day as well as all of his classes so I’m beyond proud of him. Tyler-James went into this competition fully confident and prepared and I knew he was going to get a gold but I didn’t know just how well he would have done.

“He blew the competition away. The fact that my wee boy is a Scottish kickboxing champion means the world to me.”

Jay explained that there was a heartwarming moment on the day that made it even more special.

He added: “What made it even better and more special was that my kickboxing teacher who I used to train with was there and watched him win it.

“He came up and shook my hand. He knows I can’t see too well so he went up beside Tyler-James and coached him through his fights which was such an honour and a privilege.

“I am super proud, I was crying and it takes a lot to make me cry. It’s just a dream come true for him to get that gold medal.”

Looking back on the last couple of weeks Tyler-James said it had been worth it cutting out treats.

Now, he is preparing to travel to Montrose on May 26 for the Angus Kickboxing promotions where he hopes to continue this success.

Tyler-James added: “I think it [the training] was worth it. It’s the first time I’ve trained like that before and it was fun.

“I didn’t have any sweeties for 30 days. Once the competition was over I got really spoiled. I had a whole pizza to myself but I didn’t want to go too crazy because I have another competition to do.

“I feel a wee bit nervous for that one as it’s my debut into the intermediate category. You move up after you do a certain number of competitions.

“If you do four or more you’re into intermediate.”