A CHARITY that specialises in getting people around Clydebank and Drumchapel has closed.

G15 Buses helped those without transport to get to things such as GP appointments and the supermarket

However, the service can no longer afford the transport and insurance costs associated with running the programme.

It was previously under threat last year before receiving £2000 in funding from the Wee Grants Team at the Robertson Trust.

This support has now run out though and the announcement of the closure was made on the organisation's Facebook page.

A statement read: "Well what can we say it's been a blast.

"Unfortunately, we have to stop transporting you lovely people around.

"With all the transport and insurance costs, we can no longer afford to operate on just the income from passenger income alone

"We have lasted longer than many thought we would but, after seven years we have reached a financial barrier we just can't get over.

"Whether you are new to the charity or you've been there since the start, thank you."