A DRUNKEN man was jailed after he failed to stay away from his ex-partner and left her fearful.

Fraser Barnes was outside the flat at an address in Clydebank banging on the door and refusing to leave when the cops were called on February 28 this year.

The pair, along with a friend, had been drinking alcohol, but during the afternoon, Barnes was asked by his ex to leave as he was acting aggressive and being argumentative. 

He was then asked for a second time by his former partner's friend at 6pm to leave but he refused. The friend successfully removed Barnes from the property at 10pm.

The 31-year-old started banging on the front door and shouting, which is when the victim called the police as she was fearful he would force his way in.

It was when police were on patrol they spotted a drunk Barnes and arrested him to which he replied 'is that right, aye' when cautioned.

Barnes appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on May 7 from custody where he pleaded guilty to breaching the terms of a three-year non-harassment order, set two months earlier, forbidding any contact with the woman.

The offence was aggravated by the abuse of an ex-partner.

His solicitor said: "He was under the influence of alcohol. They were still in an off-on relationship at this time. He completely accepts that it is his responsibility to comply with an order of the court and not breach that in any way.

"He appreciates that custody is an option."

The lawyer revealed that Barnes was serving a supervised release order for a previous conviction.

She continued: "He completely understands that he can't stay on the same path he has been on. He wants to get back on track as this is the third time he has been in this situation. He knows that it will only go one way if they get back together."

Sheriff James Spy said: "You have a long record in domestic offending and aggravations. You have previously breached a non-harassment order. That sentence was 14 months under supervision and that doesn't to seem to have stopped you."

Barnes was jailed for 12 months. A further 120-day sentence was imposed for previous offences.

The non-harassment order will remain in place until 2026.