A CLYDEBANK school has marked their 50th anniversary.

Carleith Primary in Duntocher first opened in May 1974 and they have recognised the special occasion with a variety of different activities at Goldenhill Park.

Clydebank Post:

And John McDonald, headteacher at the school, explained the importance of marking the anniversary.

He said: "We had a sponsored walk, a fun run and a picnic in the park.

Clydebank Post: "Everyone wore purple which is the colour of the school. It is a fantastic environment and we are delighted to be here.

"Later on this year we are going to have a school show and will celebrate 50 years as a school.

"We also plan to invite the local community in to see old photographs of the school.

Clydebank Post:

"The nice weather has made it as well."

Carleith Primary has 71 pupils and there is also a nursery within the residence that 25 children attend.

Clydebank Post: They all attended the anniversary celebrations and John explained how it was a team effort to put the event on.

Clydebank Post:

"The children did really well with the fun run, some have completed nine or 10 laps, which is a fair amount of steps," he continued.

"All the staff have chipped in to help organise things, as well as parents and grandparents and volunteers."

Primary seven pupil Jared Hart explained what he liked most about the event.

Clydebank Post:

"It is good to have a run about and get out of the school. I love doing cross country and competing in sports so this was a good training exercise.

"I would love to compete in the Olympics one day. The running has been really fun.

Clydebank Post: "It is great to have the breeze on your face."

Isabella Smith, five, said: "I have really enjoyed it. The nice weather makes things even better.

Clydebank Post: Jaiden Patterson, 11, added: "It has been a lot of fun. The whole experience has been great."