FUNDING for swimming lessons for young people and children with additional support needs in West Dunbartonshire is set to be reinstated.

It comes after cross-party support from councillors.

All swimming lessons were postponed during the Covid pandemic with group lessons restarting in 2022.

However, there was no individual provision for young people with complex care needs requiring one-to-one support when this was reinstated.

Funding will now be provided through the Cost of Living fund in the short term with the West Dunbartonshire Swimming Development Service then working on a funding proposal for the programme going forward.

Councillor Michelle McGinty, convener of the Cost of Living Working Group, said: “I was delighted to bring this motion to council and I am pleased that there was unanimous support to get these sessions back up and running.

"They are a lifeline for families with children who have complex support needs and cannot safely be catered for in group lessons.

“This is exactly why the council, in the budget which was set last month, has provision for individual funds so that these can be utilised throughout the year for important projects such as this.”

Vice convener of the council’s Cost of Living Working Group, councillor Clare Steel added: “This is a cause which is close to my heart as my daughter, who has complex care needs, has thrived through these one-to-one swimming lessons.

“I have seen in her face the difference that these can make and I am thrilled that they will be reinstated for the benefit of those who require them.”