A drunk woman caused extensive damage to a vehicle before driving off - then threatened to "riddle" a cop's mother with Aids.

Megan Hopkirk was pointed out by her own father at the side of the road when police found her after the crash.

The 33-year-old has now been banned from the roads as she appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on April 9 for punishment.

Fiscal depute Euan Nicholson said a vehicle owner had parked outside in Clarence Street, Clydebank, around 5.20pm on November 4, 2023.

Hopkirk, of Clydebank, then collided with it, leaving significant damage to the rear driver's side. She made off at speed, making no effort to stop.

This was witnessed by a nearby resident who noted a partial registration number. They reported this to the owner, who called the police.

Officers traced Hopkirk's car abandoned on Livingstone Street where they saw substantial damage.

"A witness informed police his daughter was the driver," said Mr Nicholson, "and she was under the influence of alcohol and across the road."

When police went to speak to her, she immediately became hostile. She claimed she had been at a baby shower nearby.

Hopkirk, who had a strong smell of alcohol, started calling officers abusive remarks such as "paedos" and "m*ngo" and "sp*zzy".

She said: "I have pictures of your maw."

And: "I'm going to riddle your maw with Aids."

At Clydebank police office, she was required to provide two specimens of breath and refused.

She stated: "I'm not giving my breath to a paedo."

Hopkirk later pleaded guilty to colliding with a vehicle, failing to stop and to give her details.

She also acted in an aggressive manner, shouted, swore, and uttered threats and derogatory remarks towards police. This was aggravated by prejudice relating to disability.

And she also admitted failing to provide two specimens of breath when required to determine the level of alcohol in her system.

Defence solicitor Jonathan Paul said his client had taken steps to address "poor mental health".

Sheriff James Spy disqualified her from driving for a year and ordered her to be under social work supervision for 15 months. She must deal with alcohol and mental health issues as directed.

Hopkirk must also do 200 hours of unpaid work in the community within the year.