A MAN branded "unmanageable" in the community will remain locked up - for now.

Christopher Walker was banned from contacting his Clydebank ex but used bank transfer references to abuse her, a court has heard.

The woman has now requested an even longer protection from the 41-year-old over the offences in December 2023 and March this year.

He was remanded last month over the crimes and appeared from custody at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on April 9.

Walker had been in a relationship for more than three years before it ended last August, fiscal depute Euan Nicholson told the court.

On November 15, a two-year non-harassment order (NHO) was imposed.

But a month later, on December 22, the ex received various bank transfers from Walker and the references contained abusive messages about her weight.

One said: "Fat food, buy a Mars bar."

There was also a voicemail message about Walker harming himself.

Police got involved and he pleaded guilty to repeatedly sending money to his ex's account with messages in the payment references in breach of the NHO on December 22. That was aggravated by being against a partner or ex.

And it was in breach of two bail orders from days earlier. The contact by bank account was also a separate offence.

And further, on March 5, 2024, Walker - of Wrangholm Drive, New Stevenston, Motherwell - left a voicemail in breach of the NHO.

Sheriff James Spy said a social work report on Walker stated: "He is unmanageable in the community."

The man's defence solicitor said his client had been slightly confused by what was put to him when interviewed by the social worker.

He said the bank references "were in place for previous messages" but he "fully accepts he inserted those and made payments to the complainer's account".

He said: "He fully accepts he has behaved criminally. He was in a relationship and he knows that's completely at an end."

The lawyer said his ex still had about £13,000 worth of tools at her home that he needed for work as a self-employed joiner. He was going through civil court procedures to get them back.

Walker was in a "difficult place" when he committed the crimes.

Before his arrest in March, "he found himself in a much better place", having moved from Dumbarton to Lanarkshire. But he binge drank leading up to the most recent offence.

Sheriff Spy said: "That's all very well, but what if the social worker says he is unmanageable in the community?

"Why am I going to make an order to put him back in the community when social work says he's unmanageable?

"I'm concerned I'm going to be making an order that flies in the face of the recommendation of the report."

He said it was unusual to see a social worker recommend custody and deferred sentence to April 30. He ordered a different social worker, if possible, to re-interview him for an updated report.

The sheriff told Walker: "I'm not prepared to sentence you today. Your present position to social workers flies in the face of your pleas."

He said he was keeping Walker in custody in the meantime for both public safety and that of his ex.