A MAN threatened to kill his partner of nearly 30 years and scared her into the street in her pyjamas.

Scott Dorran accused the woman of cheating on him as well as a string of repeated and vile comments in December last year.

The 47-year-old previously pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court to his crimes and returned for sentencing last week.

Fiscal depute Euan Nicholson said the couple had been in a relationship for around 29 years and both were sleeping in separate bedrooms at a home in Drumry, Clydebank.

Around 3am on December 14, the woman was woken by Dorran running into her room, accusing her of cheating.

A verbal argument erupted before both separated again and the man left for work around 7am.

About two hours later, he sent a text message stating: "Just to let you know, because you know him, [name] killed himself."

His partner was confused by this and asked for an explanation.

Dorran then became aggressive and abusive, stating: "I will f***ing kill you."

The woman hung up on him and asked him to stop messaging her, but he continued to accuse her of infidelity.

"Did you tell my mum you let a wee ginger pr*ck shag you up the ar*e and lesbian stuff in front of my face?"

Another message included the words "junkie Aids-ridden c*nt".

The messages stopped after a while and Dorran returned home later that evening and there were no further issues immediately.

The woman contacted police about his erratic behaviour and he was given a mental health assessment at that stage.

Then on December 17, a friend of the woman agreed to stay the night with her over Dorran's recent behavior. The accused stayed at his mother's.

But at 4am the next morning, the man returned and tried to get entry. He managed to get in at about 6.30am. The woman was unaware of how he got in.

He told her: "You have been sleeping with the whole estate and everybody knows it."

The woman begged him to leave but he shouted: "Somebody's going to get it."

Dorran eventually left, only to return later that morning. And at 8.45pm that night, the woman said she wanted to go to bed but her partner became abusive yet again.

She fled and called the police, who found her in pyjamas, visibly shaken and upset.

Dorran, of Garscadden Road, Glasgow, pleaded guilty to acting in an aggressive manner, shouting, swearing, repeatedly accusing his partner or ex of infidelity, repeatedly contacting her and uttering abusive remarks, uttering threats of violence and uttering sexual remarks.

The offences happened between December 14 and 18, 2023, inclusive.

His defence solicitor said his client "seems to be abstinent from alcohol".

He said: "There's no excusing that behaviour" but that the partner was "keen to reconcile".

"There is scope for unpaid work and there may be merit for supervision," he added. "He had quite a significant amount of alcohol around that period."

Sheriff James Spy said: "Alcohol seems to be an issue."

He put Dorran under social work supervision for 15 months and to take any alcohol counselling or treatment as directed.

And he must complete 140 hours of unpaid work in the community within a year.

No non-harassment order was imposed as the victim said she did not want one.