JOIN us as we take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about what was happening in Clydebank fifteen years ago.

We have delved into the Post’s archives to pick out some stories from more than ten years ago.

Here are some photographs from our edition published on Wednesday, April 22, 2009.

Do you remember these stories or spot any familiar faces?

1. Bankie producer searches for extras after securing grant

Clydebank Post: A Bankie producer was rapping on the door of the big time after scooping a grant to make a music video.

Iain McGuiness, 24 at the time, entered a competition run by Media Trust and the judges were so impressed with his idea for the hip-hop video they sent him £400 to make it a reality.

Iain teamed up with Ghana-born Glasgow rapper Kobi Onyame – who had shared a stage with Kanye West – for the shoot and he was then looking for extras to join the urban music star in front of the camera.

2. Pupils explore history in school project

Clydebank Post: Youngsters learned all about the Second World War as part of a school project.

The Blairdardie Primary youngsters showed off what they had learned at an all-dancing, all-singing showcase.

3. Park and sports courts opened in community

Clydebank Post: Youngsters were making good use of a much-needed play park and sports courts, which were officially opened in April 2009.

Tenants in the Yoker area had been provided with a toddler's play area and multi-purpose games court for teenagers by Glasgow Housing Association.

It was part of an £800,000 revamp of the neighbourhood which was also hoped to bring new street lighting and landscaping to the three mini-multis and eight low-rise tenement blocks at Halley Place and Halley Square.

4. Flowers of Scotland

Clydebank Post: Pupils at Goldenhill Primary had a special day to celebrate all things Scottish.

Parents were invited along to the Hardgate school and the kids demonstrated their knowledge of Scottish music and dancing, as well as famous Scottish places and landmarks.

5. Book character fun

Clydebank Post: Kids at Blairdardie Primary leapt at the chance to come to school dressed as characters from their favourite books.

Teachers then judged the best costumes and picked winners that ranged from soldiers to Mr Men and even a grandfather clock.

A book fair was also set up for the kids to pick up a new novel.

6. Woodland walk wonder

Clydebank Post: A woodland walk was created in Balmaha by the Prince’s Trust Clydebank team.

The arduous work involved restoring a disused pathway to create the first part of an extension to the existing forest tracks in the area.

The aim was to construct an intricate network of family-friendly paths that would enable greater access.