A GROUP of singers are building up to a significant anniversary.

Clydebank Ladies Choir are set to celebrate 25 years of existence in June.

And they are putting on a summer concert to mark the milestone.

The group contains more than 30 people, of all ages, and they sing a mix of different songs each week.

Kathleen Sinclair, who has been a member of the choir for over two years, explained some of the history of the group and was also keen to highlight the important role it plays in the community.

She said: "Four of the current members have been a part of the choir since its inception.

"It was originally a choir for both men and women. However, the men eventually left so it became the Clydebank Ladies Choir.

"I really enjoy the social aspect of it, and I find it really fun. I have met lots of interesting people during my time at the choir and have made plenty of friends.

"I also enjoy the two concerts we put on each year at summer and Christmas.

"I take two women to choir practice each week and if it was not for me driving them then they would not usually get out on a Monday night.

"We all get involved in different activities to help everything come together."

The group performs at Dalmuir Barclay Church, every Monday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

And they are hoping to celebrate their 25th anniversary in style.

"We have the concert coming up to celebrate the occasion," Kathleen continued. 

"There are a few surprises in store. There will be tea, coffee and cakes available at the interval of the concert.

"Two of the girls who are good bakers are helping as well. We are inviting past members of the choir to the concert, as well as the Provost, and dignitaries of Clydebank.

"We try to sing a little bit of everything. Our theme for the upcoming summer concert is songs from musicals such as Wicked and Sister Act.

"We always make sure that the tickets are free for children and only £5 for adults so if families come then they are not spending too much."

Despite only being a member of the choir for just over two years, Kathleen already has plenty of memories.

And she hopes the close bond she has with her fellow singers will continue.

"In terms of funny moments, two of the women were expecting babies at Christmas and we all had a whip round and got them £100 each," she added. 

"I was asked by members of the choir to get two nice cards. I went online to edit a message on the cards and wrote ‘they will do anything to get the numbers up, I hope they do not expect us to do the same’.

"Everyone was laughing at that. Another nice moment was when we used musical instruments to decorate a Christmas tree in the church hall.

"We went around charity shops to find different instruments which was a fun experience.

"Before we finish up for summer and Christmas, we also do a musical quiz which is always a good laugh for everyone involved.

"It brings everyone together. You don’t need to be able to sing to join. It is just a case of enjoying it.

"You end up going to bed that night singing whatever the last song was that the choir practised."