SENTENCING on a child sex ring has been further delayed after a court was told only two risk assessments have been carried out.

Iain Owens, 45, Elaine Lannery, 39, Lesley Williams, 42, Paul Brannan, 40, Scott Forbes, 50, Barry Watson and John Clark, both 47, were back in the dock on Friday at the High Court in Glasgow.

Two of the group are from Clydebank. 

They are due to be sentenced having been convicted of horrific abuse in a case mainly involving three youngsters at a flat in the city known as the "Beastie House".

Lord Beckett had stated at the previous hearing he was considering getting full assessments on the risk each poses before finally dealing with them.

A hearing was told that only Williams and Brannan have been risk assessed.

Ian Duguid KC, defending Williams, said: "It is an extensive report and there is no intention to seek additional information or a supplementary report in light of the risk assessment available."

Graeme Brown, defending Brannan, told the hearing that he is seeking his client's report to be critiqued.

The judge formally ordered that the outstanding risk assessments take place before sentencing in June.

It could see all or some of the seven hit with strict Order for Lifelong Restrictions also involving a jail term known as a "punishment part" that they must serve before being considered for parole.

Lord Beckett told the seven: "I said when I made the risk assessment orders that the court knows this sentence will not likely proceed at this hearing as it has turned out. The risk assessors made that plain.

"The court is presented with an unusual challenge of finding so many risk assessors at the one time.

"It is regrettable for those who are awaiting sentencing to be passed - the accused themselves and others with an interest in the case. It is regrettable but not unavoidable.

"The court has no option but to adjourn until June and the accused will be remanded in custody.

"As I have indicated, all time on remand will be taken into account when sentencing is passed whatever it turns out to be."