A MAN who swore at his three-year-old son picking him up from nursery has been put under social worker supervision.

The man, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of his child, was collecting the boy in Clydebank on November 6 last year.

Around 2.45pm, the 35-year-old arrived as the child appeared to be "throwing a tantrum".

The man was within the building and lifted up the boy and took him to his car, opening the door and putting him on the seat.

He began to shout and swear at the child, heard Dumbarton Sheriff Court on April 2.

"F***ing shut up and sit there," he said. And, "Don't you f**ing dare and try to bite me".

He also shouted, "I told you not to do that" and "how many f**ing times do you need to be told?"

The child was seen to be screaming hysterically but his father continued to shout, saying, "don't you f***ing do that".

The boy could be heard screaming, "Leave me alone," said fiscal depute Megan Dow.

His dad slammed the car door and started walking around the rear of the vehicle.

But he stopped and shouted at the boy, and he was still shouting when he got into the car, slamming his door and driving off. He dropped the child home.

Other parents reported the incident to the police, who attended the home. The mother called the accused telling him to attend "immediately".

When cautioned and charged, the man replied: "It's no right."

He later pleaded guilty to acting in an aggressive manner, repeatedly shouting and swearing towards the boy and forcefully placing him in a car seat there and struggling with him.

Defence solicitor Phil Lafferty said: "He accepts this was a serious loss of control on his part.

"Most people who have experienced young children know the difficulties, but that's not the way to go about resolving that."

He said his client had gone to stay with his mother to remove himself from the family home while the case was ongoing, though it was not required by bail conditions.

"His attitude to the case has been entirely proper," said Mr Lafferty.

"He does appear to have learned lessons already."

Sheriff David Hall said a social work report on the man was positive and "it does appear you have taken this matter seriously".

He imposed a community payback order with one year of supervision by social workers.

He must also do 75 hours of unpaid work in the community in that time.