OUR talented camera club members from across the West of Scotland have been sharing their amazing photos as they have captured.

We are inviting talented photography enthusiasts to submit work to be featured in the Barrhead News, the Renfrewshire Gazette, Clydebank Post and Dumbarton Reporter.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the amazing content below!

Clydebank Post: The first colours of Spring by Christine Collins (Barrhead Camera Club)

Clydebank Post: A stunning Greenfinch by Allan Kelly (Gazette Camera Club)

Clydebank Post: Pink clouds and trees in Dalmuir Park by Stuart Neville (Clydebank Post Camera Club)

Clydebank Post: Spring is in the air by David Tait (Dumbarton and Vale Camera Club)

Clydebank Post: A view from Neilston Well by Anwar Rafiq (Barrhead Camera Club)

Clydebank Post: Paisley sunrise by John Duffy (Gazette Camera Club) 

Clydebank Post: Sunset over the Erskine Bridge by Stuart Neville (Clydebank Camera Club)

Clydebank Post: Dumbarton at sunrise by Gerry Doherty (Dumbarton and Vale Camera Club)

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