The GLASGOW Comedy Festival is expanding its reach.

Drumchapel is set to host several shows over the Easter weekend, with the United Bar playing host to live comedy.

Live comedy will be featured in the pub from Friday, March 29 until Sunday, March 31.

The festival itself has been running since March 13.

Iain Macdonald, a comedian from the area, has been involved in booking the venue and will also be performing across the three days.

He said: "I have booked the United Bar over the Easter Weekend and there will be a number of shows on.

"We have two shows on tonight [Friday], four shows on tomorrow [Saturday], including a quiz show, and then three on Monday.

"I have basically just taken over the booking of the United Bar. I have made it a new venue for the comedy festival.

"A lot of the comedy stuff takes place in the city centre but there is nothing that really takes place around about Drumchapel, Dumbarton and those areas.

"I wanted to bring some awareness and a comedy event to this area. I am both performing and booking."

Iain, who is also an admin officer at Glasgow Kelvin College, explained the reason for choosing the United Bar as the venue for the comedy shows. 

"I play darts out of the United Bar, but I am also involved in coaching the U10s football team. I am quite closely connected to the club and the pub is obviously part of that.

"I put on a comedy night a couple of years ago which went well, and it made me realise that the space is perfect comedy.

"It also has good parking and transport links. The location and the fact I know those that run it was the main reason."