A BENEFIT gig to help a man find a kidney is set to take place later this year.

Stephen Martin, who lives in Clydebank, has end-stage renal failure and is currently looking for a transplant.

And his wife Samantha explained the struggles he has faced during his life.

"Stephen has nearly died previously. He was born with epilepsy and when he was 18, he suffered a massive seizure and as a result, a traumatic brain injury," she said.

"He ended up having to learn how to talk, walk and eat again. After his initial injury he found that music therapy helped him greatly.

"Playing his guitar, writing music and getting into heavy metal, all these things gave him his brain function back."

This musical journey, and the discoveries he made during it, inspired him to try and give others a platform.

As a result, the 'Doomsday Report' was born. The weekly radio show format, which takes the form of a Facebook Live, sees Stephen feature up-and-coming bands on his page.

However, given his current condition, the 43-year-old is unable to continue the livestream.

Speaking on the latest edition, he said: "As some of you may already know I’m seriously ill. That’s why we have been so quiet, it’s due to how sick I am.

"I’m now at a stage I can now admit how scared I am. My family are scared, especially my wife Sam, but she still holds me up and keeps me strong and I’m not done fighting yet.

"But I need your help to do that. I need a transplant to survive. I still want to get back on that stage."

And the tough situation is what persuaded Samantha to arrange a concert in support of her husband, while also catering to his interests.

"We are encouraging anyone who wants to help to attend the gig and to enjoy a night of heavy metal in the name of Stephen," she continued.

"The concert is taking place at Ivory Black’s in Oslo Street, Glasgow. It will be commencing on Friday, September 13.

"As well as raise awareness we are also looking to raise funds to get me driving so it is easier for us to get to his dialysis appointments.

"The concert will be used as a fundraiser for that but also to provide information for people who might not be aware of the situation and to hopefully encourage anyone who wants to get involved to get tested to see if they could be a match for Stephen."