JOIN us as we take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about what was happening in Clydebank fifteen years ago.

We have delved into the Post’s archives to pick out some stories from more than a decade ago.

Here are some photographs from our edition published on Wednesday, April 8, 2009.

Do you remember these stories or spot any familiar faces?

1. Best foot forward for charity

Clydebank Post: Kids put their best foot forward to make a giant leap for charity.

Twenty-eight youngsters completed laps at the Play Drome to raise £1,600 for the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation special care baby unit.

2. Budding Bards

Clydebank Post: Two youngsters were on the path to becoming budding Bards after coming top in a poetry competition.

Corpus Christi pupils Sean Meechan and Abbi McCormack, both aged eight at the time, picked up awards after beating more than 300 pupils from primary and secondary schools across the area in the Bang on Bard poetry competition.

3. Learning is music to children’s ears

Clydebank Post: Pupils learned different areas of the curriculum through music.

Youngsters at Stonedyke Primary took part in four sessions led by Glasgow Caledonian University’s music psychologists.

Art, drama, geography, and history were all included in the lessons.

As part of the final session, the Drumchapel school held a showcase for parents and grandparents so they could see what the kids had learned.

4. Couple’s diamond milestone

Clydebank Post: William and Mary McTavishWilliam and Mary McTavish (Image: Archives)It was a day of cheer for William and Mary McTavish who were celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

The Linnvale couple had married in Clydebank Town Hall in 1947.

They were congratulated by Provost Denis Agnew who handed them a bouquet of flowers.

5. Rockstar pupils are Guitar Heroes

Clydebank Post: The red carpet was rolled out for a glittering rockstar event at a local primary school.

Gavinburn Primary in Old Kilpatrick hosted its first ever ‘Gavin’ music awards and they were a massive success.

The awards were the conclusion of the pupils’ latest topic based on the popular Guitar Hero computer game.

Pupils formed bands and made their own rock songs and music videos.

6. Tiny tots clean up community

Clydebank Post: Nursery kids joined in a day of environmental action by cleaning up their grounds.

The tots at Pikeman Nursery in Knightswood showed they were good citizens.

Many residents commented on how proud they were to see the wee ones out doing their bit for the community.

The event was part of the Eco-Schools Project and goes towards the nursery’s silver eco award.