A grieving Clydebank man has told of his ‘disgust’ after learning that the company he bought his late father’s bed from would not offer a full refund despite him passing away the day it was delivered.

Iain Dunn told the Post that he ordered an electric reclining bed from Archers Sleepcentre in Clydebank on February 25. It had been for his dad who was due to move in with him.

The bespoke bed was then delivered on March 7 but sadly an hour and a half later the 53-year-old received a call to inform him that his dad had died.

Iain explained that he contacted the Clydebank store at around 2.30pm the same day to return the bed which had not been used or taken out of its packaging.

Clydebank Post: The bed is currently sitting in Iain's living roomThe bed is currently sitting in Iain's living room (Image: Newsquest staff)According to Archers Sleepcentre’s website, there is a no refund policy for products that have been ordered in-store once they are delivered or collected.

The Dalmuir resident said he was urged to contact the head office, which he did. He claims it then took ten days for a response which reportedly offered a 50 per cent refund or a suggestion he sell the bed on Gumtree.

Iain said: “We bought the bed near the end of February as my father was moving into our house as he was unable to stay at his own.

“We contacted the shop [in Clydebank] the day my dad died and a staff member told us to email the head office, which we did, and that they’d have to speak to the manager to deal with it.

“I sent another email [to the head office] on March 11 asking why they hadn’t replied and then we got a cheeky response on March 17 saying they’d take the bed back but only give us 50 per cent of the price of it or the other option was to sell it on Gumtree.

“I told them it wasn’t even opened, it was still in the wrapper. It was pretty callous what they’d said to us.

“It’s disgusting the way that we’ve been treated. This has had a massive impact on us because at the end of the day the £1000 for the bed could have gone to my father’s funeral.”

Clydebank Post: Iain added that this was not his first time buying a bed from Archers Sleepcentre as he had done so for himself in 2023.

He says this prompted his decision to buy his father’s bed from the company.

An Archers Sleepcentre spokesperson told the Post that many of their products are bespoke and therefore made to customer’s specifications.

The 53-year-old claims he was unaware that his father’s bed was considered a bespoke product.

He added: “We weren't told it was a bespoke bed we were under the assumption it was a normal bed.

“When we bought it the salesman said we sell hundreds of them. There’s been no empathy from them at all, they won’t budge.

“You also can’t phone the head office, you can only email. You can’t speak to the directors or bosses.

“My wife spoke to one of the area store managers and asked who his boss was and he said he wouldn’t be telling us.

“I understand not giving out their numbers but he wouldn’t even give us names. We’ve received no help from them.

“We have my father’s funeral to pay for and it’s been really, really stressful.”

An Archers Sleepcentre spokesperson said: “We have given our deepest condolences to the Dunn family for their loss in what is no doubt a very traumatic time for everyone.  

“Mr Dunn’s bed is a bespoke item that has been made to order and despite our requests, the manufacturer will not take it back from us. 

“We have explained that as per our terms and conditions that the bed could not be returned, however, we were keen to help Mr Dunn and have no intention of profiteering from the family during this difficult time.  

“We looked to see if we had any other outstanding orders in the same specification the customer had purchased, sadly we did not and we have only sold one in that exact unique specification e.g. size, fabric choice and storage configuration in the last 12 months and that was to Mr Dunn. 

“The only option at this point would be selling the bed off through our store as an ex-display item. 

“We explained the associated costs to resell this bed to Mr Dunn and duly made an offer to refund 50 per cent of the original order value as a gesture of goodwill, despite the terms and conditions deeming this item non-returnable. 

“This was unfortunately refused.”