CLYDEBANK Musical Society (CMS) returned to the stage with a bang as they received a standing ovation on their opening night of 'Legally Blonde'.

Talented performers from CMS’s adult section worked tirelessly for months to stage their own production of the popular musical which tells the story of Elle Woods, a Harvard Law School student.

Elaine Haddock, a committee member at CMS, told the Post she couldn’t sleep after such an overwhelming response to the show.

She said: “It was electric. We’ve never sold so many tickets for an opening night, not to mention for an adult show.

“We’ve got a handful of tickets left for Thursday night Friday and Saturday nights are sold out.

“It was fabulous. It’s [Legally Blonde] been brought to the committee table a few times and we’ve always thought ‘No, it’s too big, there’s too much set, and it’s too technical’.

“We’ve always sort of shied away from it but this time we thought ‘We’ve got a really strong cast, a really young adult cast, and it’s now or never’.

“We just went for it and it was definitely the right choice, it was just amazing. I was kind of numb through the whole thing because I was so nervous but when the standing ovation happened I just burst.

“I couldn’t even sleep last night I was so pleased for the cast because this is a huge show.”

Dedicated performers have been rehearsing three days a week – with some sessions reportedly running for ten hours - since January which Elaine said is “unheard of”.

The cast features Isla Haddock as Elle Woods, Kevin Rodgers as Emmett Richmond, Chris Laudie as Warner Huntington III, Iona McHugh as Paulette, Lewis Brown as Professor Callahan, Anna Haddock as Pilar, Nicole Anderson as Margot, and Tia Maloney as Serena.

There are even two furry members in the form of Sasha and Stella, two little dogs.

On March 2, several CMS members also completed a sponsored walk from Glasgow Green to Dalmuir to raise funds to support the show's running.

Elaine explained that the collective effort has been “phenomenal”.

She added: “It was just the best feeling. They deserved it, they’ve been rehearsing three times a week since the beginning of January which is unheard of.

“Some days we had ten-hour rehearsals but it’s paid off. It was so slick, so amazing, and the audience just loved it.

“They were howling with laughter all the way through it which is so lovely. We’ve worked hard in every aspect not just in rehearsals.

“There has also been fundraising. We completed a sponsored walk from Glasgow to Dalmuir and our wee mini section has been out singing in different places to help.

“The juniors were all helping out doing front of house last night and it really felt wonderful.

"We don’t do things lightly and I’m so proud of the cast for pulling it off.”