A MAN has been jailed for repeatedly making threats to "terrorise" staff and a sheriff INSIDE court.

Alistair Drain, of Overtoun Court, Clydebank, kicked off when his behaviour at Dumbarton Sheriff Court was challenged and said he would bite off the nose of those around him.

Appearing from custody at the same court on March 19, the sheriff questioned whether such a serious offence should be even appearing there.

The fiscal depute said that around 10.25am on November 8 last year, Drain had begun behaving in a "disruptive manner" and was "argumentative" with the then sheriff, Maxwell Hendry.

"He became aggressive, shouting and swearing," said the prosecutor.

Drain told officers: "F*** off you p****s, you're not taking me down to the cells."

He continued to shout and swear, making threats such as: "I'm going to terrorise you and the sheriff."

Within the cells downstairs, he kept going with his behaviour towards police and custody staff.

"I will f***ing terrorise you all," he said. And, "I will bite your f***ing nose off all of you. I will find out where you live."

And he further said: "Come on, I will bite all your noses off."

Drain appeared to be recording on his mobile phone while shouting and it was removed from him. He refused to calm down.

The 22-year-old later pleaded guilty to repeatedly shouting, swearing, uttering derogatory remarks and threats of violence. He was on bail at the time.

At the hearing last week, Sheriff William Gallacher said: "I don't think this is the correct forum. The nature is an attack on the administration of justice."

The defence solicitor said his client had been in court that day for a breach of a court order.

He then fell asleep in court until he was woken up.

Drain was held overnight on contempt of court charges and found guilty of that the next day and admonished.

The sheriff said: "I had not paid particular attention until this morning to the locus."

The defence solicitor continued: "The next day, there was an apology imparted. He appeared himself without legal representation.

"He takes full responsibility for his behaviour. He was able to understand the serious nature he found himself in.

"Your lordship dealt with him when he was 16 for his first offence.

"His life started to fall apart. At one point, he was thought to have very good prospects."

The lawyer said Drain was sentenced to 14 months in custody with a supervised release order, and another 12 weeks from Falkirk Sheriff Court.

"He is still young enough to make something of his life," added the solicitor. "He is remorseful. He is still a very young man."

Sheriff Gallacher said: "I think this is an offence of the utmost gravity.

"What you were doing having been confronted with your behaviour in court you carried out violent threats to everyone in the justice process."

He jailed Drain for eight months.