A CLYDEBANK man punched a colleague and broke his jaw following a row over his work ethic at a bakery.

David McDougall, 33, turned on Dalton Miliken at Mortons Rolls in Drumchapel on July 19, 2022.

McDougall initially argued with Mr Miliken due to his work ethic.

He later apologised to Mr Miliken in the locker room but was met with a negative response.

This lead to McDougall punching his victim which caused him to stumble back against a locker.

Mr Miliken suffered a broken jaw in two places and required to be fitted with a metal plate.

McDougall pleaded guilty today (March 19) at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Mr Miliken to his severe injury.

The court heard McDougall started his shift at Mortons Rolls with Mr Miliken and another man.

Prosecutor Lauren Sangray said: "Through the shift, Mr Miliken and McDougall began arguing.

"During this, McDougall questioned Mr Miliken's work ethic and asked him 'where the f*** have you been?'"

After the shift, the pair entered the locker room where McDougall apologised for his earlier outburst.

Mr Miliken replied: "I don't want your apology, p****."

Miss Sangray added: "McDougall went towards him and punched him once on the left side of his face causing him to stumble back into a locker.

"Neither men said anything to each other and they all left."

Mr Miliken attended hospital later that day where he was found to have broken his jaw in two places.

Miss Sangray said: "He required two metal plates to be fixed in his jaw.

"He remained in hospital and was discharged two days later."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports by Sheriff Andrew Cubie until next month.

The sheriff said: "You will appreciate you have two previous convictions for assaults to severe injury - we are talking some time since that happened.

"I cannot overlook that you have pled guilty to another assault to severe injury.

"I will continue your bail for background reports but you should be aware all options remain open due to your record and the nature of the injury."