A Knightswood man who harassed his ex-partner for over a month believes this wasn't a crime.

Mark Harvey admitted to repeatedly sending messages to the woman on WhatsApp, trying to contact her by video call and attempting to contact her by telephone between June 18 and July 31 last year.

The 40-year-old, of Polnoon Avenue, sent messages to her on a social media platform where he pretended to be someone else in an attempt to meet with her.

Harvey appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on March 12 where he pleaded guilty to the offence, but claimed through his solicitor that it "wasn't an offence".

The charges were aggravated by being against a partner or ex.

Lawyer Brian Lanigan said: "He doesn't accept that this is an offence. He accepts in full what is contained in the charge and I advised him that it constitutes a breach of section 39. What he means is that he doesn't think that it should be criminalised."

His solicitor then explained that Harvey received a call from social workers who discussed sentencing options ahead of his court appearance whilst in a supermarket with his mum but struggled to understand what was asked of him. 

"It was discussed but perhaps not in an ideal setting", added Mr Lanigan.

Speaking to Harvey, Sheriff William Gallacher said: "I really don't care what you think about the law. I am required to apply it to you as a member of the community. Like it or lump it, it doesn't matter.

"The fact that you might lump it actually troubles me. 

"You have also made it plain to the social worker that 'no I won't be doing anything'.

"As I said to Mr Lanigan that is fine because I will just send you to prison.

"I am troubled by your attitude."

Sentencing was deferred until April 12 for further social work reports.