The organisers of a botched Willy-Wonka-inspired experience in Glasgow have provided an update on refunds.

The experience took place at Box Hub Warehouse in the Whiteinch area of the city on Saturday, February 24.

We previously reported that fuming parents responded to the botched Willy Wonka event.

The 'immersive' experience was branded a failure by angry families who had forked out around £35 for tickets.

They were met by a sparsely decorated room including a few plastic props, a little bouncy castle, and small backdrops pinned to walls.

Following it, the event organisers House of Illuminati came under fire with parents saying their 'ideas are about the same as a chocolate teapot'.

Others claimed 'you'll get more of a Willy Wonka experience walking down the chocolate aisle in Asda'.

Previously, the company said that full refunds would be given to all attendees.

Now, the firm has provided an update on the refunds after 'concern' they haven't been received yet.

In a statement on social media, House of Illuminati said: "I've heard from some of you that there’s confusion and concern about refunds not being received from the Willys Chocolate Experience event.

"I want to clear the air and honestly say that yes, while some are still waiting, many have indeed received their refunds.

"I can’t say sorry enough for the inconvenience this has caused.

"The fallout from this event has been heart-wrenching. Not just the disappointment, but the real fear and worry from threats made to people not associated with the company and against the director.

"It’s been tough seeing the hurt these actions have caused.

"If you haven’t seen your refund yet, please check with your bank. They might be able to help sort this out faster.

"From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry for the mess."