A Glasgow-born actor has revealed the hilarious advice a former Manchester United manager gave him at Soccer Aid.

James McAvoy was the latest guest on Scots star Martin Compston and Gordon Smart's podcast - Restless Natives.

In the episode, the Drumchapel-born star discussed being coached by the former Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho at Soccer Aid, meeting Irvine Welsh ahead of 'Filth', and much more.

However, during his chat with the pair on the football manager, James revealed Jose said he 'couldn't' teach the actors team to play football but how to stop their opponents from playing it.

In their chat, the trio also spoke about how James 'faked an injury' at Soccer Aid as well.

Speaking on the Restless Natives Podcast, James said: "There's a picture on the internet somewhere of Jose Mourinho whispering in my ear and it's him proper going Jose dark arts and I loved it.

"The fact that I've got that picture somewhere, I mean, I've never printed it, I'll put it up someday.

"I played the first half and then he took me off at half-time. And then he cycled through every celeb quickly so that he could put me back on.

"I mean, some of those guys had come over from America, trained all week and then they go on for a minute and then they’re taken off so that I could go back on for the final 10 minutes and he said, see when that clock says 90 minutes, you f***ing go down and you stay down like you’ve been f***ing shot.

"Do you remember what Jamie Redknapp was saying? He was like I f***ing saw, I saw Jose whispering in your ear!

"But then he said this brilliant thing, like you're Scottish and I was like what?

"I’m lying on the floor. Like you're Scottish? And he goes you're supposed to be better than that!"

In response to the actor, Martin said: "[His speech at the beginning] was amazing.

"You’re all reminded that you're there for charity and he’s like my teams don't lose and we're not losing the night. And you’re like “f***ing let’s go”.

James continued to say: "He did a slight sort of St. Crispin's Day Braveheart speech as well.

"When he said, look it’s all for charity, here we go, it's gonna be fun and whatever, but it'd be really sad if we get beat by England at the weekend and we look back on this week and we thought f**k, I wish we’d worked harder.

"He was like I can’t teach you how to play football but I can teach you how to stop them playing football.

"He was brilliant. He says when you get the ball, you know where the goal is, do what you want.

"For a week he just moved us about in shapes, it was brilliant. "