A MAN who threatened his heavily pregnant ex while holding a baseball bat has been barred from entering an entire community.

Dylan Neary, of Duke Street, Glasgow, appeared from custody at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for the crimes in Clydebank this month.

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty to sending text messages to his ex on March 3 at a property in the town and elsewhere and repeatedly making remarks of a threatening and offensive nature towards her.

He also repeatedly shouted, swore and uttered threats of violence towards her while holding a baseball bat above his head and to placing the woman in a state of fear and alarm.

The crime was aggravated by being against a partner or ex.

Prosecutors accepted he was not guilty of repeatedly striking a cot with the baseball bat and destroying or damaging it.

At the hearing on March 5, Neary's defence solicitor said her client's ex was due to give birth in the coming weeks and he should be freed on bail.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry interjected and said: "So his behaviour is towards his heavily pregnant ex-partner."

The lawyer said this was Neary's first domestic abuse conviction.

But again the sheriff pushed back and said he had a previous conviction for causing injury to the danger of life.

The defence solicitor said her client had been under "heightened" stress recently and that he should keep his liberty considering he has a baby due.

Sheriff Hendry scoffed and said "his baby may not be born at all" because he was threatening his ex while holding a baseball bat.

Despite that, he told Neary: "You come as close as you will ever want to come to being remanded. It's with considerable hesitation I'm going to release you on bail."

He is banned from entering the whole of Clydebank and from any contact in any way with his ex.

There is also a curfew forcing him to stay at his Duke Street home from 7pm to 7am daily and it will be electronically monitored.

And he will be on supervised bail, requiring him to regularly attend meetings with social workers.

Sheriff Hendry pointed out that any breach of any one of those bail conditions could result in a maximum of 12 months in jail.

Sentence was deferred for reports until April 8.